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Tiago Dias

Head Coach

As a dedicated coach with a wealth of experience, Tiago Dias is your partner in conquering your athletic goals. With a firm belief in the power of consistent training and personalized guidance, Tiago has guided countless athletes to success.


➤ ITU Certified Coach

➤ CoreBodyTemp Certified Coach

➤ Ironman Certified Coach

➤ Technical Official at Triathlon Ireland

➤ ITU Certified Technical Official

➤ Degree in Sports Sciences

➤ 80/20 Endurance Certified Coach


➤ Triathlon Training

➤ Swimming Technique

➤ Running Performance Enhancement

➤ Strength Conditioning and Weight Training

➤ Sports Nutrition Guidance

Join Tiago's journey to triumph and elevate your performance. Experience the winning edge with a coach who understands your aspirations and will stop at nothing to help you achieve them. Unlock your true potential today!

Contact Coach Tiago Dias Ontrissports and embrace a transformative athletic journey that leads to success. Your goals are closer than you think.


Tiago Dias
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