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Simple, accurate and reliable lactate analyzer for sports performance monitoring


Lactate Scout Sport is the number one choice for sports scientists and professional athletes globally. The Lactate Scout Sport is a simple and reliable lactate meter perfect for training outdoors, in the gym or for analysing performance in a laboratory.


The Lactate Scout Sport is designed for field and gym use and is ideal for both coaches and athletes to rapidly measure lactate levels. From this measurement it is possible to assess athlete endurance levels, devise optimum training programmes, avoid over-training and to use metabolic information to help set target heart rate zones.


The lactate strips require only 0.2 µl of capillary blood and provides results in 10 seconds. Lactate Scout Sport can store up to 500 results and also connects with Bluetooth® enabled heart rate monitors. It also features a stopwatch function to help analyse performance.


With an integrated step test function and Bluetooth® connectivity, the Lactate Scout Sport is one of the most advanced hand-held lactate analysers on the market.


The Lactate Scout Sport is a user-friendly tool. The e-paper display is easy to navigate and provides excellent readability in varying light conditions and at different viewing angles.

Lactate Scout 4 - STARTER SET

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Tax Included
    • Insert/remove strip to turn on/off
    • Simplified navigation to enable flexibility whilst training
    • Only 0.2 µl of capillary blood required
    • Pre-calibrated strips
    • Device calibrated by simple coding
    • Lactate measurement value, date/time, measuring mode, temperature, heart rate and memory ID on a single display
    • Automatic self-test
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