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Carlos Martins

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Meet Our Expert Strength & Conditioning Coach

With a rich background in sports science, our coach holds a degree from Universidade Lusófona and a postgraduate qualification in Sports Performance from Universidade Europeia. Boasting a 15-year career as a professional roller hockey athlete, representing both Portugal and Angola, this coach brings a wealth of practical experience to the table.

As the founder of PerformanceLab, our coach has been dedicated to shaping the careers of elite athletes and champions from various sports. The guiding principle is clear: "Train Athletes and Educate Players for Longevity in Their Careers." This commitment extends to co-responsibility for the Talent ID and YOUFIRST24 programs, ensuring a strategic focus on identifying and nurturing emerging talent.

Beyond the field, our coach serves as a trainer at Sportsembassy Academy and imparts knowledge as a teacher in Sports Performance Masters programs at both Universidade Beira Interior and Universidade Europeia. This dual role underscores a passion for not only coaching but also educating the next generation of sports professionals.

Specializing in remote Strength and Conditioning coaching, our coach extends their expertise to offer courses tailored for coaches. The emphasis is not just on physical prowess but on a holistic approach, recognizing the symbiotic relationship between mental and physical well-being. This philosophy aligns seamlessly with their work as a personal trainer for TV hosts, models, and actresses, demonstrating versatility in catering to diverse clientele.

In joining the Endurance Lab, our coach is poised to elevate performance remotely, bringing a comprehensive skill set that combines practical experience, academic excellence, and a commitment to the long-term success of athletes. Whether you're an aspiring coach, an elite athlete, or someone seeking personalized training, our coach is here to guide you on the path to excellence.


Carlos Martins
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