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Total Hydro Whey is a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, low in carbohydrates, fat, and lactose and with a higher absorption rate when compared to other types of proteins.


It is a premium protein with better digestibility and faster absorption, which maximizes muscle mass gains, helps muscle recover faster, and reduces body fat. 


Presentation: Jar with 900g


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  • Hydrolysed protein! 

    Total Hydro Whey consists primarily of OPTIPEP® 90, the hydrolyzed protein of whey isolate. It is a protein low in carbohydrates, fat, and lactose and has advantages over other proteins for its rapid absorption and easy digestion. 

    The hydrolysed protein is obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of the whey protein isolate, allowing the supply of high-quality protein peptides. It is a more easily digestible protein with a higher absorption rate. It, therefore, promotes faster muscle recovery after exercise, with greater stimulation of muscle protein synthesis, leading to more significant muscle growth. Also, Total Hydro Whey contains low levels of carbohydrates and fat, thus favouring the reduction of body fat, being the perfect ally for maximum definition with an increase in muscle mass.

    Total Hydro Whey, due to its specific characteristics of easy digestion and absorption, is also highly recommended for the prevention of sarcopenia and maintenance of muscular mass in individuals over 50 years; being well tolerated, even by those who have hypersensitivity to milk proteins.

    It is the ideal product for:

    • Promoting an increase in muscle mass
    • Promote muscle definition
    • Optimize muscle regeneration after training
    • Complementing the protein intake in the diet
    • Combating the loss of muscle mass caused by age or a sedentary lifestyle

    How to use?

    Take one portion (30g) before and after training or as a snack to complement your protein intake. To prepare a portion, add a level measure (30g) to 200ml of water, shake well, and serve. You can take up to 2 servings a day. It can be taken from 16 years old with portion adjustment.

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