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Add salt to your workouts with Salt Caps!


GoldNutrition® Salt Caps are composed of mineral salts (electrolytes) that we mostly lose in sweat and should be taken by athletes whose prolonged duration sports require it!


Presentation: 60 vegetable capsules


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  • Salt for your workouts!

    Salt Caps GoldNutrition® are composed of mineral salts (electrolytes) that we mostly lose in sweat.

    The predominant electrolyte is sodium, since it is lost in greater quantity, the formula is complemented with Chloride, Magnesium, and Potassium, to maintain an electrolyte balance.

    This product is intended for athletes who practice long-term sports that cause higher levels of sweating and thus a greater need to replace mineral salts.

    Electrolytes are particularly important in muscle, nerve, and heart cells, where they work together to conduct electrical impulses to nerve impulses and muscle contractions.

    How to use?

    Take 2 capsules per hour, as a complement to your hydration drink, at events/trainings longer than 2-3 hours or in very hot conditions. You can take up to 3 doses a day.

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