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We know that endurance training, such as running and cycling, is often long and energy starts to disappear. If you don’t want to lose the fire and want to shine in the end, we recommend Pre-Workout Endurance.


Flavour: Orange

Presentation: Bottle with 300g of soluble powder


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  • Maximum Performance

    During prolonged and strenuous workouts it is essential that your body maintains stable energy levels for your performance to be consistent and physical wear to be less. The best way for your body to have energy is through carbohydrates.

    The Pre Workout Endurance formula contains Palatinose ™ (Isomaltulose), a low glycemic index carbohydrate that provides energy over a long period of time without causing glycemic spikes. It is also composed of BCAA’s that prevent muscle catabolism and promote recovery.

    Along with Palatinose, Pre Workout Endurance contains:

    • BCAA: essential amino acids that help prevent muscle breakdown and promote recovery
    • Rhodiola Rosea: an adaptogenic plant that promotes the use of fatty acids as an energy source and helps to improve endurance in intense physical exercises.
    • Caffeine: helps to improve performance during training through its stimulating and thermogenic effect. Beneficial in long-lasting endurance exercises. Slows fatigue by reducing the athlete’s perceived exertion, reduces pain perception, and creates a sense of well-being.
    • AAKG: AAKG is a stimulant of nitric oxide production, as it works as a precursor the same. The increase in nitric oxide levels has a vasodilating effect, increasing blood flow to the muscles and with it the supply of nutrients which favors their development. AAKG supplementation is well tolerated and helps to increase the number of repetitions during training.
    • L-Carnitine: favors the reduction of carbon dioxide production which is one of the major factors of early fatigue in exercise long
    • White Willow: is a shrub that has been used for centuries to reduce fever and pain, giving rise to Aspirin. Its anti-inflammatory capabilities prevent the development of muscle inflammation associated with prolonged physical exercise.

    Pre-Workout Endurance is an ultra complete formula, unrivaled in height and that prepares your body for long efforts, delaying fatigue, preventing the installation of pain, and increasing resistance.

    In summary, Pre-Workout Endurance is an ultra-complete formula whose ingredients act at micro levels in the body but which together are the perfect orchestra for your performance improvement.

    Ideal product for:
    – Increase energy levels
    – Increase endurance
    – Delay fatigue.

    How to use?

    Take one serving (1 shallow measure - 15 g) 30 to 45 minutes before training. In case of very demanding workouts, you can take up to 2 measures. To prepare add 1 shallow measure (15g) in 250 ml of moderately fresh water and mix well.

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