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Do you feel tired and your concentration level is low?

We know that exam times are always complicated and that when we have more work, our energy is no longer the same.


One Shot Energy is a drink of just 60 ml created with the moments in mind when the body needs to intensify energy and concentration levels.


Flavour: Tropical Fruits


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  • Maximum Concentration and Energy

    One Shot Energy is an energetic and functional drink that helps to increase energy and concentration.
    Its revolutionary and state-of-the-art formula uses plant extracts and other specific nutrients with a minimum intake of calories (2 kcal).
    Unlike caffeine, which has an immediate effect, in One Shot Energy, we added guarana, which has an energy effect longer, thus avoiding energy fluctuations.

    We have added important brain ingredients such as taurine, choline, and vitamin B6. Ginseng completes the formula, helping the body to have physical and mental resistance.

    It is the ideal product for:
    – Increasing energy levels;
    – Increasing concentration;
    – Improving alertness and responsiveness.

    How to use?

    One shot a day. Shake before drinking. You should not exceed the recommended daily intake.

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