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Your new muscle recuperator has arrived!


Muscle Recovery is a shake indicated for faster recovery between workouts, favoring the increase of muscle mass and promoting glycogen replacement.


Presentation: Bottle with 900g of soluble powder


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  • Powerful Muscle Recuperator!

    Muscle Recovery GoldNutrition® is a powerful anabolic formula that contains: high biological value proteins (whey hydrolysates, isolates, and concentrates) – fundamental for protein synthesis and muscle growth – Fast absorption carbohydrates, Monohydrate from Creatine, Vitamins, and Minerals. This unique combination of ingredients, extensively studied by scientific sports nutrition, allows you to maximize hypertrophy, strength gain, and muscle recovery.

    Science demonstrates that the intake of supplements that combine proteins with carbohydrates favors muscle hypertrophy, enhancing protein synthesis and the replacement of energy sources in the muscle and that the association of Creatine facilitates the adaptation to training and increases gains in lean mass.

    Muscle Recovery GoldNutrition® is intended for athletes in sports with a muscle strength/endurance component, with peak intensity and maximum strength, or strength training with the goal of hypertrophy.

    Indications for use

    Drink 1 serving (1 shake) after exercise. To prepare a smoothie add 2 full scoops (75g) to 300ml of water, mix well and serve. Due to its creatine content, it can be taken for consecutive periods of up to 12 weeks with a stop for 3 to 4 weeks before continuing. However, if you prefer, it can be taken throughout the entire competitive season.  


    • ZMA – At bedtime. For better recovery.
    • Pre-Workout Impact – At the beginning of more demanding training/events.
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