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Cramps or muscle fatigue?


Liquid Magnesium is a supplement indicated for the replacement of magnesium, to avoid cramps, improve muscle efficiency during exercise and reduce tiredness and fatigue.


Presentation: Box with 10 vials of 25 ml

Flavour: Lemon


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  • Don’t let fatigue stop you!

    Liquid Magnesium is a formula that contains a combination of magnesium citrate and magnesium bis-glycinate, two forms of magnesium with high bioavailability and absorption.

    One of the main functions of Magnesium is to contribute to the relaxation of muscles: when there is a lack of Magnesium, muscle spasms and cramps can occur. Magnesium is also very important for nerve function. In athletes, and especially in those who practice endurance sports with prolonged training, it is common to have Magnesium deficits caused mainly by its wear and tear at the muscular level, as well as by its elimination through sweat.

    Magnesium is also fundamental for cell hydration, as it makes the membrane permeable to water and electrolyte fluids, which is crucial, particularly in long-term sports. Supplementation with Magnesium is therefore essential for all athletes to avoid muscle fatigue and improve post-training recovery.

    This formula was further enriched with vitamin B6 which increases the absorption and use of this mineral; riboflavin and pantothenic acid which participate in energy metabolism, whose correct functioning is essential in exercising at higher intensities.



    How to use?

    Take 1 vial a day, before, during, or after exercise. Shake well before taking. This supplement is especially suitable for prolonged training and races. It can also be used regularly during the most intense period of the sporting season to optimize the levels of magnesium in the body since this is one of the minerals that are often in deficit in athletes.

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