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Your new favorite energy bars for long-duration training have just arrived. Jelly Bars are gummy bars with fast-absorbing sugars that will give you an immediate energy boost.


Jelly Bars come in 4 flavors: Apple and Strawberry with only a base of fast-absorbing sugar, the Cola flavor has added caffeine (80 mg), and the Orange flavor with added sodium and magnesium.


Presentation: energy bar with 30g


Sold individually. Each box contains 15 units of the same flavor.


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  • Immediate Energy!
    Jelly Bars are gummy energy bars ideal for athletes who need an immediate energy boost during prolonged and strenuous training sessions. These gummy bars, with fast-absorbing sugars, are very convenient and offer a tasty alternative to gels, with a pleasant texture to vary the sugar intake.

    Consuming products with fast-absorbing sugars is essential to maintain stability in blood glucose levels and slow down glycogen depletion, thus delaying fatigue and performance decline during long races.

    All flavors of Jelly Bar gummy energy bars have a base of fast-absorbing sugars (glucose/fructose), with the Cola flavor containing added caffeine, and the Orange flavor containing added sodium and magnesium, to better address the specific needs of athletes.

    Benefits of Jelly Bars:

    Apple and Strawberry - Immediate energy boost
    Cola - Energy boost due to caffeine content
    Orange - Immediate energy boost and replenishment of minerals

    These bars are suitable for athletes who practice endurance sports or sports lasting more than 1 hour.

    How to use?
    Ideal for consumption during training. Can be consumed throughout the sports season.

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