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Goldrink Premium is an isotonic drink of excellence, composed of glucose and fructose in the ideal ratio of 2:1, electrolytes, BCCA and Glutapep®. It is the perfect drink to improve performance and recovery during long workouts.


Presentation: bottle with 600 g of soluble powder


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  • Excellent hydration!

    The sweat that accompanies prolonged exercise leads to a loss of electrolytes and water from the body, especially when practiced at high temperatures. If athletes don’t replace water and electrolytes during training, the athlete can become dehydrated. When dehydration is equal to or greater than 2% of the body weight, it affects performance. It can lead to a loss of strength and speed, have negative repercussions on the cardiovascular system, the regulation of body temperature, cognitive and mental performance (reduces the ability to concentrate, increases levels of fatigue), and increased use of muscle glycogen.

    Goldrink Premium GoldNutrition® is an excellent isotonic drink without artificial sweeteners. It is composed of glucose and fructose in the ideal ratio of 2:1, electrolytes, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s), and Glutapep®, a patented ingredient with two peptides (L-alanine and L-glutamine) of rapid absorption that promote performance and recovery.

    Adding fast-absorbing amino acids to Gold Drink Premium allows you to delay muscle glycogen depletion and decrease protein catabolism. Combining sodium with glucose stimulates the intestinal absorption of water, but this electrolyte will also stimulate the absorption of glucose in the intestine. Thus, including sodium in the recommended doses in the isotonic drink leads the athlete to achieve better hydration and sports performance.

    Goldrink Premium is the ideal product for:

    • Glycogen replacement.
    • Maintenance of blood glucose during exercise.
    • Delay of fatigue during long races.

    Indications for use

    To prepare the drink, add 1 level measure (40 g) for every 500 ml of water. Mix well. To drink in training/events lasting more than 1 hour. For workouts between one and two hours, drink one dose every hour. For workouts of 2h to 3h, drink two doses per hour or intersperse them with gels.

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