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The new Gold Drink has arrived, now in a more practical bag and without sweeteners!


Gold Drink is an isotonic drink with mineral salts and sugar ideal to drink during physical activity. Its combination of high glycemic index carbohydrates with fructose and also enriched with sodium, magnesium, phosphates, and calcium are fundamental for performance in physical activity.


Presentation: Bag with 500g of soluble powder.


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  • Your Isotonic Drink!

    During prolonged exertion, the body tends to reach high levels of dehydration that can result in a loss of strength, and have negative consequences on the cardiovascular system and on the regulation of body temperature.

    Gold Drink GoldNutrition® isotonic contains a combination of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index – dextrose and maltodextrin – and fructose with the aim of optimizing the maintenance of glycemic levels, preventing hypoglycemia that occurs as the exercise goes on.

    It also has the necessary dose of sodium to increase the absorption and retention of water in the body and prevent situations of hyponatremia (low plasma sodium) that occur during prolonged physical exercise and, especially, at high temperatures. This formula is also enriched with magnesium, phosphates, and calcium, countering the appearance of cramps and the accumulation of lactic acid!

    It is the ideal isotonic for:

    • Hydrate athletes;
    • Maximize performance;
    • Prevent cramps;
    • Prevent hyponatremia;
    • Avoid hypoglycemia during intense physical exercise;
    • Prevent the premature installation of physical and mental fatigue during intense exercise.

    Indications for use

    Drink during exercise, in small sips every 15 – 20 minutes. Up to 2 hours of training consume 1 dose per hour, between the second and third hours of training consume 2 doses, after 3 hours of training consume 3 doses per hour. To prepare the drink, add 1 level measure (35 g) for every 500 ml of water. Mix well. This product can be taken continuously throughout the sporting season, if necessary and during breaks or interruptions. It can be used from the age of 15 with dose adjustment.

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