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We are privileged to have a FANTASTIC team!!!

Our human resources strategy involves recruiting and training young coaches in different regions of the country, with technical quality and higher education, but above all, with human quality and a dedication that truly makes a difference. Each one, in their own way, brings the necessary ingredients for you to always feel supported.

The athletes who join Endurance Lab usually stay, and that is a clear sign of satisfaction for us. Furthermore, when 60% of our athletes subscribe to the annual package after a few months with us and rely on our support for long-term projects, enjoying all the additional advantages we have shared with you.

Each coach has their own characteristics and style, but the methodology is ENDURANCE LAB. If for any reason you feel that something can be improved, always talk to us, as your well-being is our top priority.



Our focus is on planning and monitoring the training of athletes at all levels, tailored to their individual background, objectives, and availability for training/recovery.

You can request a change from standard to premium and vice versa at any time, as well as switch from a monthly to an annual plan.

For athletes who opt for annual payment, and because unforeseen circumstances arise and life sometimes changes, we are prepared to assist you in case of injury or the need to interrupt training.

If such a need arises, please contact your coach immediately and send us an email explaining the reasons for your pause or cessation and when it would take effect. Due to our planning process, which is typically about 15 days ahead in your calendar, you should promptly formalize your request for service interruption to so that we can adjust your monthly fee to the service actually provided. When you are ready to return, we will be here to reintegrate you.


In addition to training planning, we offer a wide range of assessments, both in the biomechanical and metabolic areas, including Lactate and VO2 Max tests. Identifying and subsequently improving parameters that may be affecting performance or increasing the risk of injury, as well as the precise definition of individualized Training Zones, are fundamental and inseparable from any rigorous training process.

These cutting-edge services are available to you, and we rely on you to regularly assess your progress and readjust your Training Zones. We conduct assessments daily at our facilities in Dun Laoghaire, as well as occasionally in Cork on weekends at the Planet Gym, and at other locations throughout the country on dates and places that we will announce throughout the year.

Whenever you wish to undergo an assessment, please contact us to schedule it, through the email or book online here

Endurance Lab SHOP

Engaging in the sports we focus on inevitably requires the use of specific equipment that directly impacts performance. Our strategy includes providing you with access to some of the leading brands in various areas.

In addition to using these systems to assess athletes, we have equipped several companies and organizations that have followed our footsteps in terms of innovation and the use of cutting-edge systems.


We are the exclusive distributors for Ireland of the HUUB brand, a leader in wetsuits, swimming goggles, and trisuits.

We are the exclusive distributors for Ireland of the GoldNutriton brand, a leader in sports Supplements

We are the exclusive distributors for Ireland of the Stryd Power meter, to improve your running performance by managing intensities, whether in training or competition.

We sell WAHOO equipment, specialists in smart bikes, smart trainers, and GPS devices for cycling, running, and triathlon.

We conduct gait analysis using thermal Footdisc for recommending CURREX insoles.

Exclusive distributors in Ireland of FORM Smart Swim Goggles.

Check out all our brands and products in our online store, or visit our facilities to see each of these products live and receive expert advice. Shop - ENDURANCE LAB.

For any doubts, questions, or simply a product that does not appear or is unavailable, contact us to assist you in the best way possible, through the email


ENDURANCE LAB is well-known and easily recognizable both nationwide and internationally, thanks to its appealing blue colors. We have developed an extensive line of customized equipment for Running, Cycling, and Triathlon.

Twice a year, usually in January and June, we place a global nominal order to be delivered in April and September. During these periods, we send out an order form with all the necessary information. We generally keep a limited stock on hand, but it’s always worth asking if you are interested in a specific item outside of the scheduled orders.

Endurance Lab ACTIVITIES

You will be regularly informed of our activities via email or through our exclusive WhatsApp group for active Endurance Lab athletes.

We regularly organize in-person training sessions in different parts of the country, with a higher frequency in Dublin and Cork. We are also present at major competitions throughout the year, supported by our staff. In total, we participate in at least 15 races and triathlons annually.

One or two times a year, we organize 3 to 7-day Training Camps where we gather about 40 athletes for a weekend like a professional, entirely dedicated to training and recovery, filled with sharing, lectures, and a lot of social interaction. We take care of everything from your arrival until you return home! These experiences not only enhance your performance but also improve your knowledge about the sports in question.

Participation in Endurance Lab activities requires personal accident insurance. If you are affiliated with the sports federation of the modality that is part of the Endurance Lab activity, you will be covered by the respective specific insurance of that federation. You can also opt for the annual Endurance Lab insurance (contracted at the end of each year to be in effect at the beginning of the following year) or contract the insurance specifically created for the activity in question.

For the Endurance Lab Training Camps, we always arrange sports insurance for all participants.

Endurance LaB




This program is specifically for those who compete in IRONMAN brand competitions. All your activities and participation in IRONMAN events count towards a score that gives you access to a range of benefits, including the possibility of raffling off free race entries for each competition where 10 new Endurance Lab athletes register.

To do this, you must register as an athlete on the IRONMAN website and select Ontrisports in the "TRICLUBS" section. If you are already registered as an IRONMAN athlete, simply associate your profile with the Endurance Lab TRICLUB. 

If you have any difficulties with this association, please contact

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