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Endurance Lab Coaching Certification
Endurance Lab 
Lab Certification
The Endurance Lab Coaching Certification will provide current and prospective Coaches with a Best Practices approach to Endurance Coaching.
In this course, discover the secrets to effective lactate and VO2max testing, empowering you to optimize athletic performance and achieve success
At Endurance Lab, we transcend the conventional boundaries of coaching. Our expansive community, podcasts, virtual conferences, events, and diverse education courses, unite like-minded athletes seeking excellence in endurance pursuits. Our training methods, grounded in optimal intensity balance and empirical principles from best-selling in the field using a polarized training method, are the cornerstone of our coach and athlete education approach.

Acknowledging the distinct dedication that defines endurance sports, our suite of courses is designed to cater to coaches and athletes at every stage of their journey. We emphasize the important role of continuing education for coaches, recognizing that the evolving landscape of endurance sports demands a commitment to staying at the forefront of knowledge.

Whether you're a seasoned coach or athlete looking to enhance your skills or a newcomer eager to embark on the coaching path, our courses provide the knowledge, tools, and resources essential for becoming a versatile and transformative coach. Join us in advancing the future of endurance coaching and elevating athletes towards their goals. Your ongoing education as a coach is paramount, and at Endurance Lab, we're here to support your journey to coaching excellence across multiple courses.
Endurance Lab


Certified by... Renewal
Following the 1 year access to our course, Certified Coaches  can now renew and continue to receive the amazing course benefits such as:
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Featured on our Coach Directory
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Endurance Lab Workout Libraries from TrainingPeaks and Final Surge
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Access to Endurance Lab Training Plans in Final Surge
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Access to our Certified Coach Community
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Coach Education
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Coach Insurance Options
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Discounts on Endurance Lab Flagship and Mini-Courses
Welcome to the Endurance Lab Coach Education Series. Our mini-courses are short, topic-specific and on-demand courses. They dive into specific topics, presented by our Endurance Lab Coaching Team.
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